Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Start of the Summer!

While I was planning on doing more things for school, Mr. Kietzman and I are buying a house this week! I still thought I should share some of the things I've been working on.

This is a game that I created a while ago to help students work on prefixes and suffixes. They toss a bead or coin into the muffin tin and whatever it lands in, the student then says a word that contains that prefix or suffix and then the meaning of the word (using the definition of that prefix/suffix). There are also 2 "free spaces"--the prefixes spot allows them to choose any prefix and suffixes spot allows them to choose any suffix.

It is very easy to make and the kids really enjoyed playing it this year-- it was also great for me to assess which ones were a real challenge for students.

Another things I've been busy focusing on is creating file folder games for students to work on skills. I found this game on the My Second Grade Journal This fraction game has cards for identifying fractions, but I am going to create my own cards for more advanced levels of fraction practice.

Click here to download Pizza, Pizza.

I'm happy to say that I am making some progress on organizing my resources (homework, units, paperwork, lessons, etc.) I've started making binders for each subject and then subdividing it within.  So far I have math and science done. I'm hoping to get to reading and social studies this week!

I recommend organizing resources because it's already made a big difference in helping me find things! With this and my filing cabinets, I feel unstoppable!

Now I just need to get to cutting out the laminated card resources for my reading groups...

Here's a bunch of links for the things I've found:

This is making inferences with comics: here

Matching character emotions with situations: here

I have who has math cards: here

I hope you enjoy checking out the resources!
And of course, just for fun, here's a picture of my helper for the day. My sleepy 2-year old Jack Russell mix Riley.

Have a wonderful day!

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