Friday, August 10, 2012


This post will mainly be pictures. I got my classroom all set up and I just wanted to show it off because I think it turned out pretty nice!


 <------- After!

Some highlights of the room include:  

A very organized classroom library, sorted either by author or genre. And I was inspired by Ms. Chambers, our reading intervention teacher, to add scrap book paper to the back of the shelves to really make the library look great!

Also reading related, I will be doing the Daily 5 this year! I have signs all around the room also for where they have their listening center, word work, etc., but I also have this posted up on the board so students can choose which station they want to go to next by moving their magnet or clip (haven't decided what I'll use yet) to that card-- and it lets me hold them accountable :) I'm very excited to get that started as soon as possible in my classroom! Just as soon as all of the first days of school routines get finished!

I saw this idea on pinterest (of course!) to use a hanging shoe rack for centers. So I am using the top (that 2nd graders can't reach) for my teaching supplies and then I will put math activities for early finishers below that and then I have a sign that says word work and I've started to label the pockets with different activities that students can choose from for word work in the Daily 5.


I'm very excited about my math and calendar area. I have a rolling calendar (not pictured) that will be in front of this bulletin board during calendar. The colored folders are for my centers for my leveled reading groups. The number chart, days of the week, place value chart and piggy bank chart are all just a part of calendar time! I also have all of the students' math manipulatives in containers that are labeled off to the side--perfect for a "math recess." I have Mrs. Mills to thank for inspiring me with all of her container-ing! It makes the room look so neat! I'm excited to do calendar again!


One thing I am really focusing on this year is procedures. I wanted to make sure I posted more of my expectations so here is one for entering the room that I made.

One hello to your teacher
To your seat direct(ly)
Three sharp pencils in your desk
Forward with your morning work!

I have other posters too, but they're not nearly as cute :)


I hope you've enjoyed taking a look at my 2nd grade classroom! I am hoping for another wonderful year!  

I had such a nice moment today when I had my students out at recess when one of my more challenging students came and gave me a bear hug. It's just nice to know that even though sometimes teachers may butt heads with students, deep down the students know that it's because you care. I hope that I will get to have many more moments like that.

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  1. Awesome! Looks like you are all set. I like your colourful organisational areas ;) Shea xx