Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School Night

I had a wonderful time meeting all of my new students and parents last night at Back to School night. If any of them are checking out my blog for the first time, I'd like you to know that my blog primarily shows projects we're done in the classroom, but also will have teaching resources sometimes. I use it as a professional and reflection tool. I do not post pictures of students on my website. I may start an album on my school website which is here when I get any pictures of students.


For the first day's homework, all of the 2nd grade team set out these bags with the details about
what they need to bring for the first day of school (waterbottle, snack) and the bag is for the students to bring three things that tell about themselves that will fit in the bag. I hope students are thinking hard on that today!

Wish List

I also set out a wish list with several items that parents could bring for the classroom if they are able to.  I will set this out again on Meet the Teacher Night (on Tuesday) along with some fall conference and guest reader sign up pages.

By request I will post some finished product pictures of my classroom with some things I set out for Back to School night for any teachers looking for ideas for next year.

I'm off to school now to go organize all my the classroom supplies! I'm very excited for our first day of school tomorrow! My next post will be about some changes I'll be doing to my Daily 5 program to cut down on some of the paperwork. Go green!


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