Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photo Reflections- First Post

As I am reaching a close to my first year of teaching in the intercity, I've learned a lot about classroom management while using my artistic background to the classroom. I wanted a chance to share the things I've been learning as well as providing an outlet for parents to see what I do in the classroom--past and present. Thanks for joining me on the adventure!

Here are just a few pictures to reflect on this first year: I'll post more resources, plans, and other materials for parents to use at home and otherwise for parents, teachers and students.

I did this at the beginning of the year and tried to update their goals after every grade card went home. I wasn't always able to, but I want to have a conference with students individually about what they wrote after each 9 weeks--even setting some goals with the students.

These were posted in the room and as a class we were able to hold each other accountable since the reminder was always there.

This will definitely be something I will do next year.

This was a descriptive writing project we did about different types of food.  The assignment was to have 3 hamburger paragraphs about a food that they liked.  The first paragraph had to be about the ingredients of the food taste like, the second paragraph was about what the food looks like and the third paragraph was about why they like that food.

Each of the toppings on the hamburger are supporting details. I had the students break their food into different parts when giving their details.  So an example would be:

Pizza is a wonderful food. The cheese is melty gooey goodness of flavor. The crust is crunchy and soft at the same time.  The pepperoni is spicy, chewy, and smooth. I think pizza is a very tasty food.

The main thing I'd be sure to remember for next year is have the kids pick a food that has multiple ingredients!

My differentiation for my special needs students was to have them work as a team with a para to complete one paragraph.  I didn't have any ELL students in class at this time, but had I, I would've had some prompts to go along with the food. (Like: Pizza is______________. The cheese tastes ________. The pepperoni tastes _____________. etc)

This was a following directions lesson we did around Thanksgiving! I wrote up a direction sheet for how to construct the turkey and they had to follow directions for their turkey to look right!

Some students had to restart a few times, but it was a messy, fun, tasty time :)

I realize this one is a little fuzzy, but I couldn't show the ones with the kids so this is one that the kids took of me.------------>

To prepare for our field trip to go see The Lorax. I did a read aloud of the Lorax (with my mustache) and the students liked the mustache so much that they each wanted to make their own! So I ended up make a bulletin board with all of their pictures and a talking bubble with them giving reasons why we should take care of the environment (persuasive writing link). I would've taken a picture, but not all of the students had the okay. Very cute though!

Oh! What was even cuter was that all of the students took their mustaches to the movie!

These were all the pictures I had so far, but I'll take some more pictures of my classroom to post to maybe give some ideas to people to do at home or at school! Hope you've enjoyed my first post!

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