Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day of School

So today was our last day of school and I thought I'd share some ideas for end of the year items, talks, and activities.

I've had this up on my door for a few weeks, but it said "Meet the future 5th graders." Today, the first thing students saw when they walked into class was it changed to "Meet the new 5th graders."

Just this simple word change already made a few kiddos get teary-- me too!!

The day then began with students signing those memory books (mentioned in an early post) and then we had an award ceremony.

I found blank certificates online and was able to write 2-3 accomplishments the student had achieved this year and then the class would raise their hand if they had more things to add that that student had accomplished.

When presenting the certificate, I also gave them this gift that says "you'll glow far with your smarts." It's a glow-stick bracelet with smarties taped to it.

I told the kids they could wear them during the movie in the dark if they want or take them home and wear them there.

Then we watched a movie and afterward did a writing activity called the Summer Bucket List.  First of all, you'd be amazed how many kids don't know what a bucket list is!

This my bucket list and now that it's posted for the world to see, I can have some people help me make sure I accomplish these things!

These were really simple to make and the kids got very excited to think about their summer activities (many are planning to go to Worlds of Fun and Power Play so heads up parents!).

Later toward the end of the day, we had our final balloon popping (again, that's mentioned in an earlier post).  The students all year have been asking me what my age is so in the final balloon they requested that it just say how old I am.

Then we got ready for the goodbye ceremony.  This was very sad and it built on something we'd done earlier in science.

We planted these marigolds for our plant unit and they've been growing and growing to the point where they have outgrown their cup.

For our goodbye ceremony, I talked about how this plant shows that they've outgrown their 4th grade cup and now they'll need to move on and replant in a new, bigger place-- in 5th grade.

To end my day I got this lovely text from one of my parents that really made my day. I'll share it:

Have a great summer. You have been a great teacher. I hope (student's name)'s next teacher will be just as understanding as you have been. Thank you for everything and good luck to you next year.

With that happy note, I will happily start my summer break!!

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  1. These are great ideas for your classroom! I enjoyed your 'you'll glow far with your smarts!' ;) And I think I can help with number 2 on your bucket list! x